Ways to Create a Sense of Calm in Chaos

            One of the big insurance companies had an advertising campaign with “Mayhem” as a character.  In the first commercial, Mayhem was a teenage girl who is driving and texting.  Her best friend kissed a boy that she liked, and she loses control of the car, hitting a parked car.  The campaign went on toContinue reading “Ways to Create a Sense of Calm in Chaos”

Do You Feel Stuck in Your Job?

Did you ever wonder why adults always ask children what they want to be when they grow up?  It’s because many adults need new ideas! Sometimes we get stuck in jobs that are unfulfilling and just cannot see a way out.  Sometimes we are so busy with the job that we cannot find a wayContinue reading “Do You Feel Stuck in Your Job?”

Always be Yourself, Unless You Can be Batman, Then Always be Batman.

The Batman will be in theatres in a few days.  I’ve been a Bat-fan most of my life, starting with reruns of the classic Adam West TV show.  The George Barris Batmobile is my favorite, followed by the 1989 movie version  Face it, Batman is cool.  He’s got the gadgets, the intellect, and most important,Continue reading “Always be Yourself, Unless You Can be Batman, Then Always be Batman.”