Always be Yourself, Unless You Can be Batman, Then Always be Batman.

The Batman will be in theatres in a few days.  I’ve been a Bat-fan most of my life, starting with reruns of the classic Adam West TV show.  The George Barris Batmobile is my favorite, followed by the 1989 movie version  Face it, Batman is cool.  He’s got the gadgets, the intellect, and most important, the will to do the mission.

While a fictional character, we can learn a couple of things from Batman. First, and foremost, is willpower.  If we have a strong will, we can achieve much.  Bruce Wayne trained himself to the pinnacle of human perfection.  He studied various forms of hand to hand combat, scholarly pursuits including science and psychology, and trained his mind to become the worlds greatest detective.

But Bruce Wayne is not just about the battle. He possesses love.  Love for his parents, slain in front of him, love for humanity, striving to prevent that horrific event from happening again.  If you want an example of Bruce’s love, watch the Justice League episode “Epilogue”.  It is an excellent example of how Batman’s drive is more than vengeance, but a desire for the good.

Okay, none of us are Bruce Wayne – he doesn’t really exist.  But we can harness some of his ideals.  

We can set realistic goals about physical and mental fitness.  We can create a plan to achieve our goals and even our dreams.  We just sometimes need some help.

So did Batman.  He had Alfred.  Alfred protected Batman’s humanity, while guiding Bruce.Without Afred, Batman would not be possible.

If you need an Alfred, consider a Life Coach.  Our job is to help you refine your goals and achieve them.

See you in the Batcave!

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